Carbon Cash

API Developer | 2014 | Visit Site

What is it?

Carbon Cash is an environmental startup dedicated to reducing energy consumption on college campuses. Generally, students in dormitories don't have a clear idea of their electricity or water consumption, and tend to overuse as a result.

Using data from power companies and rewards from local businesses, Carbon Cash gives students a detailed overview of their energy usage and rewards them for conserving resources.

My role

As the backend developer for the project, I created a system to pull and process energy usage data from several power companies. I created an API to expose the processed data to web, iOS, and Android apps, and I set up an admin interface for stakeholders in the company to manage the data. I also managed hosting and server maintenance.

Handoff and results

As a temporary developer on the project, I wrote and maintained tests for all of the code I wrote, as well as clear documentation for any developers who followed. This ended up making the handoff to the next developer very straightforward - even without deep knowledge of the app, the test coverage provides assurance that new features and changes don't break existing functionality.

At the end of my time on the project, we ran an alpha test at Michigan State University. The app ran smoothly for hundreds of users over several months, and the early success helped the Carbon Cash team raise money and expand to other universities.