Since January I've been building an application for the Seattle Police Department during my Code for America fellowship. Previously, I've worked on Rails applications as a freelance designer and developer. Here's a sampling of current and past work.

thoughtbot Client Work Logo

thoughtbot Client Work

At the start of my career in web development, I worked with clients to create web applications - I built out new features, modernized legacy apps, and taught teams best practices for development. Unfortunately I can't talk about many of my projects, but you can find some sample work on the thoughtbot website.
The Self-Destructing Blog Logo

The Self-Destructing Blog

In an attempt to force myself to write more, I created a small blog with a special twist.
Carbon Cash Logo

Carbon Cash

Carbon Cash is an environmental startup dedicated to reducing energy consumption on college campuses. I helped the team build an API to process data from power companies and power web, Android, and iOS apps.
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To get more comfortable with ES6, I built a web interface for designing and downloading color scheme files for text editors.
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San Francisco OpenReferral

In 2015, I volunteered with Code for San Francisco on the OpenReferral project. Our group built a tool that collects and distributes information about social service organizations in the bay area. As the lead developer in SF, I coordinated the work of many volunteers and helped shape the direction of the project.
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Administrate is an open-source tool for creating user-friendly and developer-friendly admin dashboards in Rails apps. I was the lead developer on the project and took the library from concept to launch, with several rounds of user testing along the way.